February 22, 2023

Frances L. Snyder, or “Frannie” as she was known to her co-workers, was well known to the families, the elderly, the young and the needy of Adams County who came to Two Rivers Regional Council for assistance.  She could always be counted on to give everyone her full attention. She would do everything she possibly could to solve the problems brought to her each day by our program participants. Frances was an asset to Two Rivers Regional Council during her more than 20 years of work with the agency.  This scholarship fund is intended to recognize her commitment and the love of the work she did and the help she provided….and most of all to recognize the good feeling everyone experienced from their interaction with her.

Source:                       Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials through the Community Services Block Grant Program with funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Amounts:                   $1,250 scholarship for each of the four counties of Adams, Brown, Pike and Schuyler for a total of $5,000 is available.

Priorities:                  Scholarships are for income-eligible residents accepted at an accredited Illinois educational institution. Trade school, community college and/or University  

Use of Funds:             The Scholarships may be applied toward tuition, fees, books, supplies, lab costs, room and board and is payable to the institution.

Eligibility Criteria:   Must be a resident of Adams, Brown, Pike or Schuyler counties.  Gross income for all family members must be at or below 200% of the poverty level as established by HHS. 2023 income guidelines are as follows:

Family Size/Monthly Gross Income

1/$ 2,430.00

2/$ 3,287.00

3/$ 4,143.00

4/$ 5,000.00

5/$ 5,857.00

6/$ 6,713.00

7/$ 7,570.00

Applications: Applications must be completed at one of the Two Rivers outreach offices located at:

                                    Adams County                                   Brown County

                                    706 Maine St                                       206 SW Cross

                                    Quincy, IL  62301                               Mt. Sterling, IL  62353

217-224-8171 217-773-3141

Contact:  Amanda                           Contact:  Jessica or Melissa

                                    Pike County                                       Schuyler County

                                    120 South Madison                            233 N Congress                                                                     Pittsfield, IL  62363                          Rushville, IL  62681

                                    217-285-5424                                     217-322-6916

                                    Contact: Melissa                                 Contact:  Amanda or Jessica

                        Applicants are advised to telephone first to make an appointment.

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of Social Security number for all household members
  • Proof of Current address
  • Gross income from all sources for all family members for past 30 days
  • Official transcripts from most recent educational institution   attended, documentation of acceptance into a specific school or other acceptable proof of planned full-time enrollment
  • Applicants will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which includes writing an essay.

Evaluation:    All applications must be complete by the deadline of May 1, 2023.  Applications will be reviewed and ranked by members of the Community Action Administrative Board for their respective counties.

Payments:      The scholarship payments are made directly to the Illinois accredited institution designated by the award recipient.  If the student withdraws or is no longer attending the designated school, the funds will be returned to Two Rivers. Funds may be rolled over into the following year in the event there is money left at the end of the 2023/2024 school year.

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