Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials


A thriving community of inter-connected individuals, families, businesses, and government.


To grow stronger and more positive communities through relationships. As a connected community of individuals, families, businesses and government; we focus on supporting the basic needs of our community, fostering resiliency and developing economic opportunity for all.


  • Service

    TRRC provides a safe environment for individuals and communities to build relationships and identify needs.

  • Integrity

    TRRC maintains trustworthy relationships, internally and externally, so that our standards are beyond reproach.

  • Dignity

    TRRC mindfully meets people where they are with respect and confidentiality.

  • Empowerment

    TRRC creates connections that make individuals stronger and more resilient. These connections help TRRC build a thriving community where everyone’s voice is heard.

  • Sustainability

    TRRC is committed to stewarding resources for long term growth and self-sufficiency.

  • Community

    TRRC strengthens relationships to promote interconnectedness and sense of belonging for all.